Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm in love...

With Pinterest! What did I do before this awesome handy little tool? I searched and searched for that web page I had bookmarked.  Only to get side tracked with something interesting someone had posted since I had last visited their blog or site. Sigh. But not anymore! Well, kind of. I can stay a wee but more focused on Pinterest. And I love that I can just create different boards that are very specific for me. Love, love, love it! So if you haven't already....go check it out. It is an awesome community that will inspire you to create and get busy!

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Mom Challenge - Week 1

Well, the new blog hasn't gotten off the ground the way I had hoped.  I need to make this more of a priority for this year! I loved my old blog but needed a change...so here we go!

I came across this today and have decided I am going to do it.

Thankfully, this weeks challenge is an easy one for me.  I eat dinner with my kids nearly every day.  At the table, no TV, games, etc. I do allow toys from time to time, but that is more when hubs is at work and I have had a long day with the kidlets. So what about you? Have you had dinner with your family this week?