Friday, September 7, 2012

It's a new calendar Mommy!

Yes, that is what my sweet little guys told me the other day when they came home from school. They are so freaking excited about school, which in turn makes me one very happy mommy. It's so hard for me to believe we are coming to the close of their second full week today. Wow, how the days have flown.  And wow, how so much as happened the last few weeks.

For a long time I have wondered about Twin A having Asperger's. I have gone back and forth in my head and asked every pediatrician we have had so far what could be going on and that others have suggested Asperger's. All have kind of dismissed the idea and said he just had some sensory processing problems and OT would help. Until now. What a crazy journey I am on right now. I need to spend some serious time trying to put it all into words because I am truly struggling with processing all the information. Why is it something we so want to be confirmed or identified is something we so don't want to confirmed or identified? Is this just part of the whole process I have to go through?

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