Saturday, September 8, 2012

Rainy Saturday

So today started off as a rather nice day out. Of course the boys wanted to stay in and play so I took full advantage and did their iLs (Integrated Listening System) with them. I am trying out just doing 30 minutes a day since with school now it is so hard to spend 2 hours between the 2 of them doing it. A single hour is much more easy to fit in than an hour each.

We moved several months ago and have tons of boxes and packing paper all over the place. So we have been getting creative and today I just put one of the huge pieces of packing paper down on the floor and let them go to town with their "smelly markers." They spent half the day coloring, which is great for their fine motor skills, which both have trouble with. Plus they crawled around on the floor a lot too.

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