Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Ugh...another word that just makes me cringe when I hear it.Not exactly sure why I truly despise people telling me I need to exercise. When they do it truly makes me want to do just the opposite! Call it the defiant part of me coming out to take over. But last Fall I started doing the Couch to 5K program and really did start to see some health benefits, mostly more energy and mood difference.

Let me say this first though...I am NOT a runner. As a matter of fact, I actually didn't like running at all. When I was way younger if I did run I was a short distance runner. Speed, not distance, was my friend. I was fast as a kid and competitive (still competitive but so not fast anymore!). But I found over the weeks of doing the program I almost came to look forward to getting out there and running. At first it was an accountability kind of thing. I wanted to finish what I had started (which I didn't and it still bugs me). But then, I was finally starting to hit a point it wasn't nearly as hard to run and it actually kind of started to feel, well, good.

As usual, life got in the way. I got sick and then had surgery. A very simple procedure that I was supposed to be back on my feet in just a few days ended up being a month long process of healing. Craziness. By then it was Winter and nearly the holidays so I just gave up. So here we are now in the middle of Spring Break and I am wanting to start again. I am promising myself that Monday morning after I drop the boys off at school I am going running. I am going to start the Couch to 5K program again. Maybe even try to sneak in some time this weekend if I get adventurous!

The thing is, life will always get in the way. What I need to learn is how to keep on going even when it does. Because after all, it IS going to. That has been proven time and time again to me. But where I think I differ from other people is that I give up. I tell myself it just isn't possible and so then it isn't. Must get rid of the doubt and negative self talk!

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