Monday, April 1, 2013

Menu Plan Monday 04/01/2013

Busy weekend and I didn't get the chance to plan my menu until just now. But I did it!

Monday - Rotisserie chicken and veggies

Tuesday -Pizza (take out)

Wednesday -Chicken nuggets/mac n cheese for kiddos, leftovers for us

Thursday -Lettuce wraps

Friday - Eat out!

Saturday -Grill something (supposed to be nice weather)

Sunday - Roast with fresh veggies

I have to admit it was so nice last week having everything sketched out and ready to go each day. I did have a few curve balls thrown in but it was actually kind of funny. Like Monday I wanted chili dogs for some reason. And then the roast I had taken out of the freezer for Wednesday was not even closed to being thawed out when I went to put it in the crock pot, and it was later in the day than I had hoped to get it started. But it was super easy just to switch a few days around!

The chicken I did on Tuesday was amazingly good and I will be making that a regular thing from now on.

So head on over to this week's Menu Plan and get some great ideas for yourself!

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