Thursday, April 4, 2013


On my birthday this year I treated myself to a Vitamix blender. I had been looking at the thing (and others) for several months now. I happened to walk into Whole Foods to get a few things and they were having a Vitamix demo! Well, next thing you know I am heading back to the house to get the kids and hubby and said if either of the kids would eat anything they made I was buying it. Well, one of them ate EVERYTHING he made. So the machine came home with me. :)

I have been making smoothies and other things nearly every day since I brought that baby home a month ago. I have LOVED it and it has been changing the way I am eating. Now to just find things my hubby and kids will also eat and I will be set. But I am settling for one step at a time!

I had posted a few of the smoothies I had made on Facebook and a friend of mine asked me to start posting the recipes to go along with them. Since I figure most people I know aren't really interested in my smoothie adventures I am going to start posting them here instead. If you aren't a smoothie fan then just click to another post please. But this is also part of my journey to organizing my life so I figure why not!

Yesterday I made something hoping my kiddos would eat it and at least one of them did so I was thrilled. I had a big glass of it myself and it was full of Vitamin C, perfect for this crazy weather we are having this year (cold, then hot, then cold, then hot, why the cold is back again!).

10 oz orange juice
1/2 cup frozen peaches
1 orange, peeled and quartered, seeds removed
1/2 frozen banana
1 tsp stevia (sweetener of your choice)
6 ice cubes

It turned out pretty yummy and I will make it again for sure, probably during the summer to cool off on a hot day. It made enough for 2 drinks for sure so I may try and scale it back a little next time for just me.

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