Saturday, March 23, 2013

My purpose

I stumbled on a great blog while perusing my beloved Pinterest the other day. Man, as much as I love that site it can suck hours of your life from you without you even noticing. But I will say I have done several things from the site I wouldn't have otherwise done, so no complaints on my end!

But I digress...this was supposed to be about my new purpose for my blog.

So, my new purpose for starting to blog again is to hold myself accountable. I honestly don't care if anyone reads my posts, and much like this gal, I kind of hope they won't. After reading the first few months of her blog I realized I am in the exact same boat she was in then. My reasons are very different and I have struggled with how to approach this often.

It was while reading this post about feeling overwhelmed I knew I had to go on this journey in my own life. Even if it is just for my own benefit, putting it in writing is really kind of therapeutic for me and it helps me to feel accountable.

Her fist line of the post was "I am determined to make some progress this week." Oh my, how many times have I said those words to myself or even others for that matter!

You see, I could go into all the excuses as to why my life is in the state it is right now. We moved every two years. My kids are small and they can't seem to part with ANYTHING they have ever received (a post for another day surely!). I always think I will get around to selling it online, having a garage sale, I will re-purpose it or we will actually use it once we either get a new house/organize the one we are in. But the truth is that it just keeps on growing and growing. The stuff. The clutter. It just keeps multiplying. I feel like I am buried at the bottom of everything and every time I try to start digging my way out I have an excuse as to why it just won't happen.

I am getting really tired of excuses. I want to be able to invite people to our home again and not feel ashamed of the state it is in. Right now I would be mortified if anyone rang my doorbell and I would find any excuse not to allow them in. I have never been like this in my life and it is slowly dragging me down. Little by little every day. What is worse to me, is that it is pulling my family down. I know the difference a clean and somewhat organized house makes for my children. They have enough challenges already without clutter adding to the chaos in our lives. So I am determined to make a difference. Determined!

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